Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mentor meeting....

Had my first meeting with my mentor last weekend. Pretty epic. I have had such good luck with mentors. They seem to be able to articulate exactly what I am thinking and can say it so much more elegantly.

notes from meeting:

My notes for a Plan:
Make work. Lots
Focus on adding additional elements
Display –collections
Space around objects

Navigate why I chose anatomical collections/ 19th century/ charts/ medical museums.

Transparency---- technology

What about it… rather than why.

Kristiva- for thesis

How to make organs beautiful. Locate/view

@northwestern- find Rachel nifferneffer

read magic mountain

 In response to crits that am not referencing contemporary means of view in the body
Emotions are invisible. You are trying to give density… (cant read)
Mri is a tool to view the body. Signs of the body, actual body.
Use x rays closer translate what I’ve done.  You are translating
Material state

Beyond representation beyond color
Negative cast
Gabriel Orzo hand is my heart

Body use material
Sign of thing itself

Problem- need to represent
Vs. claim abstraction
Titles can help
Affect not tot narrate
Presentation titles explain position of the artist trust audience.

Between things- materials transparent unseen invisible
Job defend position of work
What is it doing?
 What maters
Position is space
Materials list 
Title language

Blindfold- use materials make a feeling never look at it.
Use language of materials!!!
Organic systems
Body of Christ bread you eat the body.

Structural approach 

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