Sunday, March 11, 2012

just finished...

an amazing book that I had put on hold because I was having such a hard time finding it.

The book is called "Sublime Engine: biography of the human heart"

Basically one of the handful of texts I can pick up and say, "This is it. this is what I want to make images/objects about".  Explains the heart from an anatomical discovery and a metaphorical viewpoint through stories and history.

highlights include:

 Heart as a furnace: greeks

Heart verses the head: started with greeks

Heart is wellspring of emotion.

Breathing keeps heart from over heating.

Greeks really hammered home the deepening metaphorical identity of the heart.
Aristotle thought the heart had 3 ventricles and a bone.

While the west  was going through the dark ages/middle ages Arab doctors were rocking it out.

Renaissance was the first time human bodies could be dissected.

Evil: can be hidden.
matthew 15:18-19 hidden from the world by a wall of flesh and bone

Abeland and Heloise neutered monk and underage lover exchanged hearts as a mean to consumate lover
eroticized heart

The Decameron- father finds daughter with a commoner. kills lover and brings daughter heart in a chalice in attempt to break their love. backfires. she embraces heart and kills herself with the blood from heart mixed with poison.

Dante- Flaming heart

NOT ONLY: a metaphor but a sensory organ

Story of man with hole in chest. Viscount Hugh Montgomery: hole in chest from horse riding accident as child. wants to be normal. Thinks its his lung, its really his heart.

Shakespeare: heart appears in sonnets like crazy. created characters that their heart controls them. Heart becomes clandestine. mind begins to battle with the metaphorical heart.

 Drawing of heart may have came from the drawing after listening to Aristotle's description.

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