Monday, February 6, 2012

lists res. 3

eva hesse 
marylin mintor 
kiki world- every medium 
Damien Hirst show- display/titles
alexander grey 
tom savini 
jenny holzer- table with human bones 
aura - 2006 she taught corpses
rhonna pondick 
doris sceldo- the body is absent
Hutchinson- ceramics at i
chilhuly- small thoughtful objects understand the idea of big is more powerful
elizabeth king
louise bourgeois
Tim Hawkinson's
andrew day jackson 
anette messanger

on collecting
knife man 
the best years of our lives
the object stares back james elkins

minimal make casts as containers 
game operation flap drawings outline of figure 
real organs 
DNA/medical imagery 
machine made verses man mad
combine painting and sculpture 
effective work dripped forms with object below
drip is organic
push to grotesque
forms from actual gut 
x ray 
sun print of sculptures 
make objects for jars 
discarded debris material 
man made 
look more into other debris 

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