Friday, September 28, 2012

so I have been using/utlizing Pinterest as my research image collection toolbox.

 these are more recent and have lots of sources.
Oh hi,
its been a while. Thesis writing and switching schools have really engulfed my life.
but second draft is coming. and some work has been done.

Met with my mentor rachel. she is awesome. see her stuff here :

couple of things we discussed.

* thesis:
-trajectory might be too broad
- missing a part discussing the  physiopsychology  psychological aspects of my work

display: my biggest concern right now:
my ?- how do you make the sculptures function individually but within the same space.
     how do I reference the medical collections/antiquity/mad scientist lab that I love but still keep them contemporary/museum quality?

ideas/ discussion from rachel:
make a stance and then pull back
is the object dead or alive or petrified how does that change the display

think of 2-3 artist you would dream to show with. what would that look like.
make a list of your objects and describe what the are and what they are not.

she mentioned artist Matthew Monahan for some display ideas

uses plexi and drywall in a crude but subtle way
multiple objects in different planes that function separately

i found this and although it is from urban outfitters....
 I like the glass and the metal and I could picture 10 of these on a wall with my creepies in them. Then drawings in between. and a large old wood and steel table underneath with some more.

plus with traveling and cost it seems like a win win.

also setting up an area in my studio (which I should have done probably 3 semesters ago....) to play with setting up a display.... some fresh white drywall sheets ect.

so stuff i have been working on: wax as a skin. thanks to casey and her encaustic last residency I decided to try and make some of my sculptures with wax and cover some ceramics with wax.

 (made at residency with casey's scraps)
 covering ceramics 

 solid wax

 covering a ceramics piece 

wax with stuff in it. imagine this surface on a anatomical form.... :)


(solid wax)

 (solid wax)

 (solid wax)

as I was working I felt that some of them looked like candles. so I decided if i added some roughage to the wax it would maybe take away from the pristine feel.

moving forward I was to experiment more with pigment and layering to move even further away from the candle-ish feel and more visceral and fleshy. I do really like the quality of the wax on ceramic....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

where is my mind?

Long overdue images of some stuff....... just to give all you kids a taste of what has been going on. Ill try and upload more before the residency.

Burned box based on the story of the poet who when cremated his heart wouldn't burn. So his friend gave it to his wife and she kept it in a box......

Favorite piece so far this semester. Heart wrapped in casing. 

  the space between.... drawings to follow...

 Pieces intwined ......

Photobombing home depot for base ideas .....

using felt and rope as a base......