Friday, December 23, 2011

end of round 2.

I took a lot of pictures. so i decided to put them in an online album. unedited....  I included some 360 views where i turned the object/jar so you could see it from all sides. 

Some notes on surface. I looked at real photos of organs from surgeries as well as different types of meat. I also referenced some sculptures specifically Berlinde De Bruyckere.

Some notes on display ideas. Basically i went through a bunch of sculpture books and wrote down every way that artist seemed to be displaying sculpture. I also looked at medical museums and noted their displays. I feel like the medical museum displays really caught my interest. In terms of sculpture i like things that were contained on trays, on small shelves, suspended or had some other mixed media element, like hardware.

I made a pinterest board about artists as reference as well as display ideas and source images. Pinterest although distracting and slightly unrefined is a great tool for me to collect images and they are also hyperlinked to artist websites. 

I like the reference to  collections or doctors offices. So i went shopping and got some jars, small shelves, wooden plaques ( like the stuff collections are mounted on), bell jars, apothecary jars and trays. I love collections because they reference to me looking at a group of the same thing for comparison, to make sense of the object. also it appeals to my sense of   

After laying everything out and trying a ton of different combinations I feel like I have more questions than answers. The combinations and possibilities are endless and each combination of container and little sculpture has the potential to mean something different. and I am not sure I know right now what I want each one to mean specifically, 
which I think is a great thing to take to residency and get feedback on. I am excited to set things up different ways every day and see what the response is.
I did find somethings that worked and some that didn't for example i like the stainless steel 
trays best because of the reflection and the reference to stuff they use in surgery. 
I like the idea of mounting organs on the plaques because of the reference to hunting and the displays of the surgical museums. Most pieces wouldn't fit in the mason jars and the larger jars with lids created some weird shadows on the top of the pieces verses the clear apothecary jar.  I also photographed every little sculpture individually so you could see them.  they looked really creepy sitting on the stairs next waiting their turn. afterwards i just piled them on the table and they looked equally creepy. I photographed the little sculptures in front of the paintings that matched. Ideally and before the residency i am going to make little white shelves to put them on to hang them under the painting. I played with putting them in some kind of chromatic order as well as putting them in a jar. 

Also I feel like these little sculptures are the beginning of something good. Next semester I would like to focus on adding more mixed media elements to the surface (latex, medium, 
ect,) and adding hardware/found object to display methods. 

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