Sunday, November 13, 2011

artist I discovered....

My current work traces experiences of the body through methodical systems of documentation, investigating chaos, control, accumulation and deterioration. The artificially rigid organization of my materials alludes to control-- of the individual body as an institutional domain, and of irrational experience as a manageable, concrete set of events. My choice to use the body as a starting point aims to give visual form to physical sensations that are invisible to the eye and medical imaging, and only exist in the subjecetive realm. I collect data through daily documentation processes, and then generate numerous systems to allow the information to exist in a material form. I abstract and quantify the data in order to give authority and agency to subjective experiences.
The work alludes to the body in certain pieces, through the text or a particular material, but the reference remains abstracted. By abstracting and codifying the work, I want to evoke a sense of the passing of time, accumulation of information, presence and absence, chaos and order, control and loss of control and the possibility of the system collapsing upon itself or reaching a breaking point. Once I devise a system for a particular piece, I follow it all the way through the work allowing the visual results to exist outside of subjective expressive decisions. By strictly following and never veering from a given system, the work is tightly controlled and asserts itself as accurate and authoritative (however false and unscientific), questioning the gap between a subjective experience and medicine's conventions for understanding the body. The work is often organized into grid-like charts and diagrams mimicking science and medicine's representations of the body as a specimen, visualy displayed for the purpose of gaining knowledge. In this way I create distance from the information and objectify the experience, giving a false sense that the body is accessible and easily understood.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

working on...

last month I finished one of the cropped photoshopped pieces. 
Also painted sheets to depicted the fear of disease. 

Feeling like these pieces are fine but they do little to support my emotional motivation for making artwork. there is little of me or my personal experience intertwined. I feel like a tourist when discussing diease in that  I have remained healthy and people closest to me are fairly healthy. There is a level of fear and lack of control that i would like to address but it is not pervasive. I feel like I am making more a social statement rather than a personal one.   In turn, I am not as invested in these works and I think it shows. 

I am starting to realize that perhaps it is more the meanings we have placed on the organs, the metaphors associated with anatomy that I am really in love with.  Furthermore the intersection of mental processes and its effect on anatomy and physiological function is really where I would like to be heading.

Making work for me has always been the best when I treated it like an extension of a journal. My challenge  as I see it now is trying to make work that is accessible to others when it comes from my head and my experiences. 

I have met with my mentor twice in the last month and we agreed to start meeting every 2 weeks. my frustration level has been so high we thought it would keep me on track to meet more often to hash stuff out. We are meeting again next week. 

To tie up the work I have been doing I am finishing a series in which I examine the physical formal qualities of the organs that i am so drawn to and just create my own set of organs using that formal framework.  Working through this task has led me to further realize that it isn't the organ and its formal qualities on its own but the intersection of the function and the other metaphors that go along with it. 
From last weekend rough shaped organs.