Thursday, September 15, 2011

what i've been working on....

Spent most of July creating/reorganizing a basement studio workspace and traveling. Mid August, met with Linda again,  had lots of plans and ideas but wasn't sure how to get back on the horse.  Residency feedback suggested I just start and let things progress naturally.  I am finding that is really against my nature, so again hit a wall.... Also got caught up (again) in collecting ideas, materials, images and resources but not really producing anything. So as artificial as it is i gave myself "assignments" just to get working.
 As I started to work i found it was less pressure to work on several things simultaneously. Especially if one of the things was an experiment with materials and one was a concrete "assignment". This way i never felt like i was wasting my time if something didn't "turn out". One downside, I still don't have a lot of fully realized pieces. But compared to this time last semester, i am working more consistently and have much more work.  Truthfully, the assignments just give me a starting point and once i start working I start to have more and more ideas to develop the original assignment further. 

  For example, I found this cool site ( ) that will take any image you upload and print it on fabric. So i uploaded the diesease watercolors that i made last semseter. My ornigal assigment was to create clothing from the fabric. ( so like you are wearing the diease ion the ousdie, ect). But as i ahve been working i thought it would be amazing to create a bed where the sheets and inside of the bed isnt a pretty strpied  or floral pattern but deaiease print.  i like the idea of sleeping with the enemy or the diease growing as you sleep....  more on this to come...

any way... Goals for the rest of the semester is to take the few things that are working and run with them to make some more fully realized pieces. 

Fabric from watercolors, being made into shirt, dress, and skirt...
 Painting of cropped disease. Posterized in photoshop. then created a color pallet digitally.  Will be a diptych. One healthy one disease. Mixed paint from pallet printed online, only using the colors in the pallet and only creating shapes. Attempting to abstract anatomy into a formal shapes/piece rather than recognizable.  This painting is about 75 percent done.

another assignment I gave myself was to take a phrase relating to the body and make it every way I could with whatever I had. So I chose the phrase stomach in knots. I made a stomach out of only string and knots. I made several versions and dipped them in latex, wax, and liquid starch. Then I took whatever scrap fabric I had and used liquid starch to create fabric sculptures of stomachs. The middle purple/gray one was made with fabric dipped in  joint compound and acrylic. 

Playing with old plaster casts  and my new latex that I can color and adding Rit dye and collage for texture... prop design for CSI here I come!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

House on the Rock

So in Newman's class we had to reference an artist that uses the archive. I being the over achiever that I am brought in 3 examples..... but the one that has the most WISCO pride is the crazy collections contained at the House On The Rock. After returning home and running into this article
it sparked the interest of my friends and we took a road trip to Spring Green Wisconsin.

We also made a pit stop to see the Forevertron. The worlds largest scrap metal sculpture. I learned about this beautiful sculpture garden in undergrad. It seriously is amazing.