Friday, July 22, 2011

Stuff in the midwest to see this summer

 There are 3 shows I'm going to get to before the end of the summer. If any of you are in the midwest you should try and check them out.

The MCA in chicago is featuring two artists I really like, Joseph Cornell and Marc Bradford. I am pretty sure the Bradford stuff  is the same stuff that was at the ICA last winter but it would be worth it to see it again. Cornell info Bradford info

The Block Museum at Northwestern is having a show of Kiki Smith stuff. It is an interesting take on organizing a show beacuse it features her working process and her source matereials more so than her finished pieces. KIKI!

Lastly and I think this ties in with Neuman's Archive class, The Kohler Art Center which is about an hour  north of Milwaukee is having a show about Memory.  The show is divided into several sections of memory: Holding memory, Forget Memory, Shared Memory, and From Memory

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