Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My mentor is cooler than your mentor

My new mentor is cooler than yours
I met with my new mentor a few weeks ago and wanted to say that we totally had like 10 geek out moments about creepy medical stuff.

Here is her site. Check her stuff out. She’s super rad.

We talked about Eva Hesse and she asked me something that I thought was an amazing question.... She asked "what do you like about her work?" My reply was that although she was considered post minimalist I felt like all of her pieces referenced the body and anatomy.  and then she asked "well how did she do that?" Obvious questions for most of you but I had never thought of it that way. 

and I'm like 99 percent sure that I will be going to Boston this fall to see the show at the ICA

We are meeting on the 12th so I will post my in- progress work and her comments after that. 

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