Saturday, May 21, 2011

plugging along....

Some images from the last couple of weeks. 
Finally found a working rhythm the last 3 weeks but still can't seem to finalize anything. I have this very bad habit of working and changing things until the last possible second. My art teacher in high school use to warn me about that, saying that you could work on something forever but you have to learn when to cut yourself off... 
In this case its not really over working things I just keep starting new things. Which is good in one aspect, but in terms of having completed work to take to Boston... I am starting to run out of time. 

I started gathering some notes for my final paper, re-reading the first residency response and one thing stands out that I feel like I was asked to experiment. Experiment mostly with media choices and a little  with source material. I feel like I accomplished a lot in that respect but am anxious because not all of the experiments worked out. A lot of things crashed and burned. 
So, it is really going against my super studious good student nature to have so many things fail. I dont want to hang up a bunch of crap that didn't/ doesn't work just so it looks like I was working all semester... but I still feel all over the place, in terms of ideas for pieces and media. I should (and have been told) to focus but I just have so many ideas and not enough hours in the day. 

So anyway, i know it looks like I took my sculptures and dropped them or something but I made 2 sets of 5 organs (stomach and liver which are most effected by decomposition) and left them outside to "decompose" 
I kept number 1 inside and the other 4 out. I would bring them in when one progressed past the next in terms of breakdown.

 "decomposing stomachs" 1 and 2

Detail of number 2

Decomposing livers 1 and 2

Decomposing liver number 4

These have been drying for a little over a week but i really want to make sure they are dry before i fire them. Then they will be painted/finished with something... I'm toying with the idea of brushing latex on them so they have a fleshy quality to them. 
Tony said something interesting when we were talking that really stuck with me. He said that when things decompose they either dry out or melt. 
Well I really like the idea of something melting... so i made a series of these in wax.
Color gets gradually darker to show progression of disease. After this image was taken I have started to go  back into them to make each one progressively more diseased or decomposed.

 Wax livers ready to be "decomposed"
Close up of the first one. 

The finished version of the diseased lung....

I am still debating if i want to make a torso/bust to attach this to... I think it would be really interesting but I also think it can work well on its own. 

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