Sunday, May 1, 2011

artropolis! art chicago! art!

So Art Chicago was awesome. I have never been around that much contemporary art in my life. I talked to a few artist and gallery representatives. I saw a lot of familiar work. It was really reassuring to see artists making work that was relevant. Typically I will go to gallery nights in Milwaukee and see one or two pieces i like from my favorite Milwaukee artists and my talented friends.... aannnnnnddddd the rest is crap. Sailboats and flowers.... the stuff the north shore ladies buy and put over the couch OR go to art museums and see the crazy intense stuff.

Throughout this semester I have a had a hard time staying motivated and positive. I have to make things my  brain doesn't function without having a project at all times. But I realized something when I read the midterm evaluation. There is a question about if I understand my place in the art world (or something to that effect).  I kinda laugh when I read that because I just never felt like I was of that caliber to ever be in a museum or a real gallery. Well regardless I feel after going to art Chicago that there is a place for me. There are tons of artist represented by tons of galleries in tons of markets.  I have some new goals stirring around in my head.... but it all boils down to making work and trusting my instincts. Too bad I didn't have this epiphany in February.

For Tony:

Rory my Mentors piece!


Ben Sloat's  (a prof at AIB) painting.

An artist I talked to was named Rogelio Manzo. He uses digital transfers on resin panels with oil painting.
I absolutely love his layering techniques and treatment of flesh with the oil paint. Hunting down some resin panels asap! 

 I also attended a talk, (which was the subject of my 4th paper), by the editor of New American Paintings Evan Garza. The topic was Beyond the Stretcher: Breaking Down Spatial Limitations in Contemporary Painting. 
It was really good.  I will post my paper after it is reviewed.

As part of my semester plan I was suggested to find images that represent what kind of mark making and art making I like. I have been saving pictures to my computer but i think that i would like to create a digital album with websites and notes about these artist.... trying to find the best platform to do this. I think i would like it to be web based so that i can access it from everywhere.... i have looked into photobucket, flickr, shutterfly and picasa. I just want to be able to add more information/captions.

 I spent the rest of the weekend working in the studio... I have several ideas but the medium i want to use  or feel would be best to describe the piece doesn't seem to cooperate.... I have about 7 projects that I have been working on for the past month....started and just can't seem to tie them up.... they just aren't clicking together and feel very forced. 

I am hoping may brings better things.... April was really really really rough. Thanks for all the support. It means a lot to know that people are in my corner.  I am using the new month as a chance to clean the slate. 
Good night kids.

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