Tuesday, April 26, 2011

two steps forward, one step back...

So I spent the last few weeks trying to focus on a few projects/ideas and finalize some pieces. I met with Rory at the beginning of the month and she encouraged me to focus on first choosing a few of the pieces to finalize and to seriously consider focusing on 3-D pieces.

 From the drawings I did in march I got large copies (life size) and created gel medium transfers. In the mean time I created a few backgrounds for these skins to be placed on, (microscopic views of cancer cells is pictured).
I added a layer of gel medium about once day for a week to insure that each layer would dry. Then I soaked them and scrubbed off the paper. I copied just the pencil drawings so their would be plenty of negative space in the face/skin for the images to show through. After I cleaned 4 of the originals they seemed a lot like ghosts and less like skin because of the slight white tone. I did a few more with a layer of skin tone tinted medium.  I went to assemble them to the background and they were not quite as transparent as I wanted, (even though I am using clear medium).  They still feel muddy and hard to see. Based on the smaller tests I though they would be translucent enough but I either put too many layers, the copy paper from the large format printer was absorbed into the gel differently. 

I worked though a few solutions this last weekend. I created a skin on a board without any image transfer like a ground. I am planning this weekend to try another form of transfer (wintergreen/lighter fluid) or just painting/drawing right on this new clear skin. I am excited about the potential of the untreated skin. 

I am working on a few paper clay and paper mache sculptures.  I like the texture and the ease of use that sculptures have but I kinda feel like a little kid. 

I am also working on a series of organs. I made some organs that are most affected by decomposition (stomach, liver) and made plaster molds of them. I am going to make multiples of them and expose them to the elements. Every day one will be taken in and so i will have a progression of organs in different stages of "decay".

I will put a section of final pieces after this weekend. I am going to art chicago tomorrow. I am going to the lecture on the state of contemporary painting and the influence of mixed media. 

Beyond the Stretcher: Breaking Down Spatial Limitations in Contemporary Painting
Presented with New American Paintings
As the practice of painting moves ever further from the confines of the canvas, it continues to pour over into sculptural forms, installation, and new media. Curators will discuss issues of materiality, multidisciplinary influence, and the spatial and material undertakings in recent contemporary painting practices. Moderated byEvan J. Garza, Independent Curator and Editor-at-large, New American Paintings, Boston. Panelists include:Dominic Molon, Chief Curator, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis; Dina Deitsch, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA; and William Cordova, artist and curator.