Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cadavers anyone?

I have been gathering and absorbing research, reading books and taking a TON of notes lately.

 One other thing that has been weighting on my research list is finding a anatomy class  to take. Hannah suggested that I try to take an intense anatomy or anatomy for the artist class.  It would benefit my artwork in the sense that i would be looking at truer source material rather than anatomy textbooks. I love anatomy textbooks both for the artistry and the information BUT they another person's interpretation of the body. AND i finally have an excuse to go see a cadaver and not seem like a total freak.

 Most classes my initial research found were online (and really really expensive) or typical undergrad look at book and label parts then professor tells you what it's function is classes that I could audit.

My little sister is in the OT program at UW-Madison. She had to take a gross anatomy class and she snuck me in to see the cadaver when they were working on it. And yeah... I loved it. So i mentioned to her that i was having a hard time finding classes. She SENT ME THE RESOURCE VIDEOS FROM CLASS OF THE ACTUAL DISSECTIONS!!!   :) so basically short of doing the dissections myself its like i am taking the class. She even sent me  her practice online tests in identifying parts to take.

I also found a program at NIU that does a short course of gross anatomy for high school students. I'm going to email them and see if i could come in when they have a class.

So...... how do i write an email saying " can i come look at your cadaver and draw it ?" without alerting the authorities?

I'll have to work on how I'm gonna word that one.



    recommeded.. good read.

  2. I own and have highlighted, post-it noted the entire thing.

    you are totally right it is a good read, even for people who aren't as creepy as me.