Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Gallery Night

        So in Milwaukee 4x a year galleries, (and the art museum), stay open late and typically have openings of their new shows. I managed to brave the sub zero Midwest temps to go to the Marshall building and see a few shows.

      The first show I went to was at  Luckystar Studio. Luckystar is a longtime favorite of mine in Milwaukee. Growing up in the Midwest and working in small galleries in the lovely little resort town of Lake Geneva  I was surrounded by pretty paintings of sailboats and gardens.  Needless to say that was never really my thing and I ran as fast as I could to the nearest largest city to try and find art with a little more edge. Luckystar was the answer to my prayers then and now. Their latest show features regional artist that depict landscapes.  Sounds initially like what I was trying to avoid my whole life, but these modern landscapes are of the city and urban environments I adore so much.  Amy O'Neill 's landscapes feature urban environments, the places in between the sprawling cityscapes that  have been forgotten.

Tom Berenz was also featured at the gallery night opening. His work explores the urban landscape after a traumatic natural event.  The images of houses and buildings with their "bones" exposed was really exciting for me. I am beginning to find connections in imagery to anatomical structures/references even if there is no figure present, which in the past I might have overlooked.  I like the idea that no matter what the structure it still has skeleton and furthermore a skeleton that can be broken.

And lastly Mike Fredrickson who paints my beloved Milwaukee neighborhoods and kitschy Wisconsin landmarks with what Luckystar describes as,  "realism with a touch of pop".

I also stopped and checked out Elaine Erickson Gallery   which featured a show on self portraits.

I still want to check out  Katie Gingrass and their "White" exhibition  and Caggio featuring Stephanie Barenz another local favorite artist of mine.

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