Saturday, January 29, 2011

A place to leave my thoughts

A word about sketchbooks.... I have gone to at least 8 art supply/bookstores since I have been back looking for MY sketchbook. Since undergrad I have experimented with different sizes and I found I end up keeping a notebook and a sketchbook at the same time, (because I write a lot of lists and things on top of creating drawings). My dream sketchbook would have been half notebook half sketchbook. And don't worry, I tried many times unsuccessfully to make one.  So last spring finally found something perfect.  It has a hard cover in dark gray, spiral bound (for laying flat or holding in one hand), has lines on the left side and white drawing paper on the right.  Awesome right? Until i try to find a new one. 8 stores later... I give up and order it online. Which, yeah, I should have just ordered it in the first place but my instant gratification impulse just wouldn't let this one go. 

After my unsuccessful shopping trip told Michael my tale of woe and he looked at me like I was nuts and said, " You couldn't just buy A sketchbook?!?" No. I couldn't. 

So, just curious if you are as particular as I am? What are your preferences and why? 


  1. What is the name/brand/type/any information you can give me in regards to this 'mystical' sketchbook you seek. I have many notebook resources I can pull from to help you find it/something similar.

    As a recovering notebook addict myself, I too know the highs and lows associated with acquiring an amazing notebook only never to find another one like it again.

    I'm sure I can help.

    Alexandro Silver Duran

  2. I found it online and 50$ later I have a few stocked up. Thanks for the offer I may need your services at a later date.

    this is my mystical sketchbook... it has lines and drawing paper...

    I'm glad someone shares my obsession for notebooks, makes me feel a little less crazy.

  3. Nice sketchbook. My current sketchbook of choice is The paper is of piss poor quality, but I really like the waterproof polypropylene cover. It takes a licking. That being said, I haven't carried a sketchbook around with me in years.

    Only recently have I felt the need/want to return to carrying a book specifically to sketch out my concepts/ideas. I also carry a clairefontaine for res notes (smooth fountain pen quality paper), 2 circa's -|level=2 One for organizing, the other for random art notes, and a moleskine calender for events and tasks. Needless to say, I'm a bit obsessed with notebooks.