Friday, December 23, 2011

end of round 2.

I took a lot of pictures. so i decided to put them in an online album. unedited....  I included some 360 views where i turned the object/jar so you could see it from all sides. 

Some notes on surface. I looked at real photos of organs from surgeries as well as different types of meat. I also referenced some sculptures specifically Berlinde De Bruyckere.

Some notes on display ideas. Basically i went through a bunch of sculpture books and wrote down every way that artist seemed to be displaying sculpture. I also looked at medical museums and noted their displays. I feel like the medical museum displays really caught my interest. In terms of sculpture i like things that were contained on trays, on small shelves, suspended or had some other mixed media element, like hardware.

I made a pinterest board about artists as reference as well as display ideas and source images. Pinterest although distracting and slightly unrefined is a great tool for me to collect images and they are also hyperlinked to artist websites. 

I like the reference to  collections or doctors offices. So i went shopping and got some jars, small shelves, wooden plaques ( like the stuff collections are mounted on), bell jars, apothecary jars and trays. I love collections because they reference to me looking at a group of the same thing for comparison, to make sense of the object. also it appeals to my sense of   

After laying everything out and trying a ton of different combinations I feel like I have more questions than answers. The combinations and possibilities are endless and each combination of container and little sculpture has the potential to mean something different. and I am not sure I know right now what I want each one to mean specifically, 
which I think is a great thing to take to residency and get feedback on. I am excited to set things up different ways every day and see what the response is.
I did find somethings that worked and some that didn't for example i like the stainless steel 
trays best because of the reflection and the reference to stuff they use in surgery. 
I like the idea of mounting organs on the plaques because of the reference to hunting and the displays of the surgical museums. Most pieces wouldn't fit in the mason jars and the larger jars with lids created some weird shadows on the top of the pieces verses the clear apothecary jar.  I also photographed every little sculpture individually so you could see them.  they looked really creepy sitting on the stairs next waiting their turn. afterwards i just piled them on the table and they looked equally creepy. I photographed the little sculptures in front of the paintings that matched. Ideally and before the residency i am going to make little white shelves to put them on to hang them under the painting. I played with putting them in some kind of chromatic order as well as putting them in a jar. 

Also I feel like these little sculptures are the beginning of something good. Next semester I would like to focus on adding more mixed media elements to the surface (latex, medium, 
ect,) and adding hardware/found object to display methods. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

artist I discovered....

My current work traces experiences of the body through methodical systems of documentation, investigating chaos, control, accumulation and deterioration. The artificially rigid organization of my materials alludes to control-- of the individual body as an institutional domain, and of irrational experience as a manageable, concrete set of events. My choice to use the body as a starting point aims to give visual form to physical sensations that are invisible to the eye and medical imaging, and only exist in the subjecetive realm. I collect data through daily documentation processes, and then generate numerous systems to allow the information to exist in a material form. I abstract and quantify the data in order to give authority and agency to subjective experiences.
The work alludes to the body in certain pieces, through the text or a particular material, but the reference remains abstracted. By abstracting and codifying the work, I want to evoke a sense of the passing of time, accumulation of information, presence and absence, chaos and order, control and loss of control and the possibility of the system collapsing upon itself or reaching a breaking point. Once I devise a system for a particular piece, I follow it all the way through the work allowing the visual results to exist outside of subjective expressive decisions. By strictly following and never veering from a given system, the work is tightly controlled and asserts itself as accurate and authoritative (however false and unscientific), questioning the gap between a subjective experience and medicine's conventions for understanding the body. The work is often organized into grid-like charts and diagrams mimicking science and medicine's representations of the body as a specimen, visualy displayed for the purpose of gaining knowledge. In this way I create distance from the information and objectify the experience, giving a false sense that the body is accessible and easily understood.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

working on...

last month I finished one of the cropped photoshopped pieces. 
Also painted sheets to depicted the fear of disease. 

Feeling like these pieces are fine but they do little to support my emotional motivation for making artwork. there is little of me or my personal experience intertwined. I feel like a tourist when discussing diease in that  I have remained healthy and people closest to me are fairly healthy. There is a level of fear and lack of control that i would like to address but it is not pervasive. I feel like I am making more a social statement rather than a personal one.   In turn, I am not as invested in these works and I think it shows. 

I am starting to realize that perhaps it is more the meanings we have placed on the organs, the metaphors associated with anatomy that I am really in love with.  Furthermore the intersection of mental processes and its effect on anatomy and physiological function is really where I would like to be heading.

Making work for me has always been the best when I treated it like an extension of a journal. My challenge  as I see it now is trying to make work that is accessible to others when it comes from my head and my experiences. 

I have met with my mentor twice in the last month and we agreed to start meeting every 2 weeks. my frustration level has been so high we thought it would keep me on track to meet more often to hash stuff out. We are meeting again next week. 

To tie up the work I have been doing I am finishing a series in which I examine the physical formal qualities of the organs that i am so drawn to and just create my own set of organs using that formal framework.  Working through this task has led me to further realize that it isn't the organ and its formal qualities on its own but the intersection of the function and the other metaphors that go along with it. 
From last weekend rough shaped organs.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

JMK: hiding places: memory in art.

Went to an amazing exhibit at Kohler.

Pieces I loved.

Library of Dust.
Canisters of human remains from the Oregon state insane asylum that were found in the basement that had flooded in the 70's

and artwork made by and artist whose memory is deteriorating due to Alzheimer's

She created a whole installation of a sculpture of neurons and axons where inside the neurons there is speakers and videos with photos and images from the artists life.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

what i've been working on....

Spent most of July creating/reorganizing a basement studio workspace and traveling. Mid August, met with Linda again,  had lots of plans and ideas but wasn't sure how to get back on the horse.  Residency feedback suggested I just start and let things progress naturally.  I am finding that is really against my nature, so again hit a wall.... Also got caught up (again) in collecting ideas, materials, images and resources but not really producing anything. So as artificial as it is i gave myself "assignments" just to get working.
 As I started to work i found it was less pressure to work on several things simultaneously. Especially if one of the things was an experiment with materials and one was a concrete "assignment". This way i never felt like i was wasting my time if something didn't "turn out". One downside, I still don't have a lot of fully realized pieces. But compared to this time last semester, i am working more consistently and have much more work.  Truthfully, the assignments just give me a starting point and once i start working I start to have more and more ideas to develop the original assignment further. 

  For example, I found this cool site ( ) that will take any image you upload and print it on fabric. So i uploaded the diesease watercolors that i made last semseter. My ornigal assigment was to create clothing from the fabric. ( so like you are wearing the diease ion the ousdie, ect). But as i ahve been working i thought it would be amazing to create a bed where the sheets and inside of the bed isnt a pretty strpied  or floral pattern but deaiease print.  i like the idea of sleeping with the enemy or the diease growing as you sleep....  more on this to come...

any way... Goals for the rest of the semester is to take the few things that are working and run with them to make some more fully realized pieces. 

Fabric from watercolors, being made into shirt, dress, and skirt...
 Painting of cropped disease. Posterized in photoshop. then created a color pallet digitally.  Will be a diptych. One healthy one disease. Mixed paint from pallet printed online, only using the colors in the pallet and only creating shapes. Attempting to abstract anatomy into a formal shapes/piece rather than recognizable.  This painting is about 75 percent done.

another assignment I gave myself was to take a phrase relating to the body and make it every way I could with whatever I had. So I chose the phrase stomach in knots. I made a stomach out of only string and knots. I made several versions and dipped them in latex, wax, and liquid starch. Then I took whatever scrap fabric I had and used liquid starch to create fabric sculptures of stomachs. The middle purple/gray one was made with fabric dipped in  joint compound and acrylic. 

Playing with old plaster casts  and my new latex that I can color and adding Rit dye and collage for texture... prop design for CSI here I come!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

House on the Rock

So in Newman's class we had to reference an artist that uses the archive. I being the over achiever that I am brought in 3 examples..... but the one that has the most WISCO pride is the crazy collections contained at the House On The Rock. After returning home and running into this article
it sparked the interest of my friends and we took a road trip to Spring Green Wisconsin.

We also made a pit stop to see the Forevertron. The worlds largest scrap metal sculpture. I learned about this beautiful sculpture garden in undergrad. It seriously is amazing.